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My CEU Wallet

App Description:
My CEU Wallet is your digital filing cabinet for all of your continuing education documentation needs. No longer is there a need to keep track of your CEUs throughout your recertification period as the app will store your important documents on the cloud, tally up your current CEUs, send you reminders periodically when your CEUs are due (including how many you still need), and when it comes time to submit your CE to your board your documents can be printed out or emailed to whomever needs them. Why should you worry about keeping track of your CE? Focus on what you do best. Let My CEU Wallet keep your CE in check!

App Features

Features that make your life better
Store CE Transcripts On The Cloud

Whether your transcripts are on paper, or in digital form, our app has the ability to upload it to the cloud so you can safely store it and access it at your convenience.

Track How Much CE You Have And Still Need

Instead of guessing, stay on top of how much CE you still need so that you never fall behind.

Email Or Print Out Stored CE Transcripts

Whether your board wants physical copies of your transcripts to send in, or if they just require you to send them the digital files, the app has both print and email capabilities.

Track Multiple Licenses And Certifications Separetely

Whether you have just one licence or certification, or if you have multiple licenses and certifications, My CEU Wallet allows you to sort your CE by the applicable license or certification.

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